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“You could not possibly believe how fab you’ve been - we’re in danger of putting your picture in all our halls.”
Jools Parker,
Waking the Witch Farewell Tour.
January - April 2009

Jane is probably the best connected and most successful PR/Promotion/Marketing expert in the UK acoustic music scene. She has worked with... just... EVERYONE.
Professional and effective, she has also led two highly successful campaigns to promote the new Frome and Bristol Folk Festivals both of which enjoyed immense success in their 1st year.
Rex Preston
(mandolin maestro from the duo Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston)

Hugely liking the immense job you have done. No stone unturned, no journalist untickled, no charm unpickled, no website ungoogled in a relentless gallop after fame & full houses. Thanks again for your giant brushstrokes. You are the living mustard.”
Adrian Mealing, Spooky Men’s Chorale

In all of my experience as a festival and gig promoter, Jane is by far and away the most dynamic, effective, professional - not to mention cheerful - Press Agent I have ever worked with. Jane agreed to publicise this year's Home Festival in Devon at quite a late date and with very little time in hand she did a superb job of publicity and promotion across all media. Personally, I very much hope it will be possible to work with Jane again at every future opportunity.
Thomas Brooman CBE,
Artistic Director, Home Festival.
Former Artistic Director, WOMAD

'Jane not only met our every expectation in terms of publicity, and with efficiency and friendliness, but she clearly has the respect of all the many press and radio people she put us in touch with. It was great results all round, and we certainly hope to work with her again soon.'
Jez Lowe

"Over the last two years Jane has made herself an indispensible part of our of team: highly respected, hard working, fast, efficient, a lovely person and most importantly she gets results. It is no coincidence that the band’s profile has leapt forward under Jane’s management"
Jamie Smith, Jamie Smith’s Mabon

“You did such a great job getting people along to the gigs” –
Seth Lakeman

"We lucked in when Jane generously took on publicising the Spooky Men’s Chorale’s London gig at very short notice.
She turned out to be not only personable and a pleasure to work with, communicative and conscientious, professional and experienced but also highly efficient and effective. It was Jane’s ministrations, publicising our event in an already saturated market, that made our London gig a huge success.

In an impossibly short time she whipped up a lot of attention in a wide range of media and we filled the Union Chapel – a pretty ambitious dream that worked thanks to Jane."
Suzy Managian, Spooky Men’s Chorale

'As PR companies go Jane Brace is in a league of her own !! Smart, efficient, imaginative and utterly determined. Every day for three months I would get several emails from Jane pointing me at newspapers, websites, radio shows that were all telling the world about our festival that day. It is very reassuring to know that the message is actually getting out there. I am convinced that Jane never sleeps but if she does she'll be dreaming of tomorrows plan!
Thanks so much Jane and here’s to next time.'
Ken Bradburn Brampton Live Festival/ Emerging Music

“You have made an unprecedented impact” –
Nick Worthy, Administrator, 2005 Chichester Open Art Exhibition

“Once again you have done a marvellous job for The Festival Players - you must have the largest contact book in the business!!!
Sarah Priday, Chair, The Festival Players

"I'm in the unusual position of having worked with Jane both as a music journalist and as a musician. Regardless of which hat I've been wearing at the time, she's been a lovely person to deal with and a real pro."
Sarah McQuaid

"We booked Jane to work The Durbervilles third album Alternative Route To All Destinations and with her help and enthusiasm achieved a significant increase in both national press and radio coverage for the band. Our web hosts Sputnik Media registered their highest hit rate ever due to user activity on The Durbervilles site during the promotional period. I would thoroughly recommend Jane and look forward to an opportunity to work with her again soon”.
Emma Gill@ Splid Records.

“Well you did it – St. Peter’s Square on Saturday night was PACKED!”
Gill Cox, Former Administrator, Festival Players

“There's only one chance to promote a new album and I need the best PR and that's you!”
Johnny Coppin, solo folk artist,
Coppin-Silver and Decameron front man